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Sync Pool360 to Quickbooks

Are you an SCP or Superior Pools customer? Save time by syncing your Quickbooks Online  to Pool360. See real time pricing, and availability inside Quickbooks. Submit your PO’s directly inside Quickbooks. No more manually entering PO’s and Bills into Quickbooks Online.

How It Works

Inventory Sync

Sync Inventory from Pool360

See all your local SCP and SPP branchs price and inventory from inside QuickBooks Online.

Import Items

Import items right into your QuickBooks Online account in a few clicks.

Purchase Order Sync

Create a Purchase Order

Create your Purchase Order in QuickBooks Online. Eliminate the double entry of entering your PO’s in Pool360 and then again in QuickBooks.

Push a PO into Pool360

Stop calling or emailing your PO’s to SCP or SPP. Send them electronically is faster and they are always ready before you arrive.  


Invoice Bill Sync

Sync Invoices into Bills

When a SCP or SPP invoices your Purchase Orders they will sync into QuickBooks Online as a Bill.

Stop typing in transactions

Each time SCP or SPP invoices your Purchase Order, the invoice is automatically synced back to QuickBooks Online the same way every time.


Get started quickly


  • Fast Setup
  • Personalized On-boarding
  • Dedicated Support

Create all your purchase orders in Quickbooks and push them straight into Pool360 with a click of a button.

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All plans include Phone and Email Tech Support, and free implementation.